Retrofit the Graving Dock, Naval Base San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

Owner: NAVFAC Southwest

Description: The project was a design-bid-build to upgrade and retrofit the dock to accommodate DDG-51 Vessels, which have a sonar dome mounted to the bottom of the ship.

The project includes four main components: 1.) creation of a sonar dome pit in the basin 2.) installation of an in-haul rail system 3.) upgrade of the substation plus install of new industrial power mounds 4.) replacement of the dewatering pump systems.

1.) The sonar pit includes demolition of approximately 110’ L x 35’ W x 4’ D of the dock concrete deck; drill, grout and install 84 each micro piles approximately 8” diameter and 75’ deep from the bottom of the basin; and new reinforcement and CIP concrete forming of the pit.

2.) The in-haul rail system includes installation of 52 doweled brackets supporting 1,150’ of custom welded plate rail along the top of the basin walls with 4 each trolleys fastened to mooring lines which will position the ship during docking.

3.) Electrical work includes install of new industrial transformer/switchgear and 4 each new industrial power mounds to separate power to the ship and maintenance contractor.

4.) Mechanical work includes replacing mechanical pump and power/control systems (800HP main dewatering, 150HP drainage, and 2 each 25HP sump and collection), replacing pipeline and valve system of the dewatering (54”), drainage (24”), sump and sanitary sewer force main in the pump room (4”-6”).

Project Value
  • Owner: NAVFAC Southwest

  • Location: Naval Base San Diego, CA

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