Naples Island Permanent Seawall Repair, Phase 2

Location: Long Beach, CA

Owner: City of Long Beach

Description: Replacing of the existing concrete seawall, which consists of:

  • Pre-cast concrete sheet piles
  • Steel tie-back anchors
  • Cast-in-place pile cap.

Was originally built in the late 1930’s and 1960’s due to damages, which includes:

  • Sulfate deterioration and spalling of concrete
  • Corrosion of the tie-back anchors
  • Loss of soil through open joints (necessitating grouting behind the wall) 
  • Differential subsidence
  • Sinkholes in the ground supported by the seawall

The work consisted of the installation of approximately 2,148 lineal feet of a new steel sheet-pile seawall on the water side of the existing vertical concrete seawalls along the canals of Naples Island via the hydraulic press-in method.

Work also included:

  • Construction of a new reinforced concrete pile cap
  • Removal and installation of existing docks
  • Removal and disposal of existing guide piles and mooring pipes
  • Driving new concrete guide piles
  • Guardrails
  • Sidewalks
  • An improved drainage system
  • Modified access platforms
  • Pipe moorings and ladders
  • Relocation of existing street lighting along the canal
Project Value
  • Owner: City of Long Beach

  • Location: Long Beach, CA

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